Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme

Showcase Your Hygiene Commitment, Raise Customer Confidence

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.This certification scheme is site-based. Any organization which applies certification for more than one venue is required to submit individual application for each site. (For example, if an organization wants to apply certification for its ten restaurants, it must submit ten individual applications.)

.Applicant shall check if they are eligible under the subsidy provided by the HKTB before application. Applicant shall ask HKTB for the registration code if they are eligible for the subsidy, otherwise, applicant shall ask HKQAA for the registration code instead. Applicant without a valid registration code will not be able to continue the application.

.For the type of services and activities as applicable at each site regarding the certification scopes of each industry, please refer to

The applicant is required to fill in below information on the website:

  1. Registration Code
  2. Company Name
  3. Certification Site Name (depends on the industry selected, e.g. restaurant’s name, hotel’s name, shopping mall’s name or terminus name)
  4. Certification Site Address
  5. Industry Sector of the Certification Site
  6. Name of the Responsible Person of the Certification Site
  7. Position of the Responsible Person of the Certification Site
  8. Telephone number of the Responsible Person of the Certification Site
  9. Email address of the Responsible Person of the Certification Site

.Applicant is required to upload a scanned copy of the Business Registration Certificate after completing the above information. Additional prove of licences or permits (e.g. photo) is required if the applicant belongs to the category of “Dining” or “Travel Agencies”. The service timetable for cross border coaches is required if applicant belongs to the category of “cross border coach service providers”.

.Relevant self-declaration checklist will be generated by the system according to the industry category chosen by the applicant. Applicant shall ensure the hygiene measures stated in the self-declaration checklist are well implemented before completing it. In addition, applicant shall also listed the specific implementation methods, as well as the equipment and tools that are being used.

.After successful submission of the application and self-declaration checklist, the responsible person of the certification site / audit coordinator will receive an acknowledgement email from the system.

.After receiving the application, HKQAA will arrange unannounced audits which may be conducted off-site (desktop record review) or on-site (certification site) according to the degree of risk and sampling strategies in approximately 30 days. Purpose of the unannounced audits is to confirm if the statement stated in self-declaration checklist are effectively implemented and fulfills the requirements.

.Auditors may take photos of the activities and facilities within the certification scope/ certification site, or take copies of operation documents, as well as conduct interviews with employees during the on-site audit. All information collected is solely for the Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification purposes. All sensitive information on the documents or records may be covered (e.g. personal information of the staff or customer, etc.).

.If applicant fails to fulfill the requirements during the on-site audit, certification will not be issued until all the nonconformities are successfully closed out within a stated time period.

.Applicant that fulfills the requirement will receive their certification in approximately 15 days after the completion of unannounced audit or closed out of nonconformities.

.Applicant shall 100% implement and fulfill the questions and statement stated in the self-declaration checklist in order to be considered as fulfillment of the requirements.

.HKQAA will issue certification for the applicant after confirming fulfillment of the requirements during the unannounced audit. Certified organization will receive the below deliverables:

  1. Digital Promotional Graphic (provide upon request)
  2. Electronic certificate *
  3. Online register of certified organizations
  4. QR code Stickers

.The certified organization shall continuously fulfill the requirements and the statement stated in the self-declaration checklist within the validity of certification. The certified organization shall also act in accordance with relevant guidelines.

*There are two versions of electronic certificate, normal and“Plus”. The purpose of “Plus”version is to encourage and recognize certified organizations’ effort in implementing extra hygiene measures under the pandemic. HKQAA does not certify the extra hygiene measures implemented by the certified organization, and both certificates are equal in its status.